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Balancing the Momentum

You know how time seems to take off to a dimension of its own, leaving you behind to pick up the pieces?

This week I faced the task of trying to keep up the regular writing. Enter: bunnies. To cut a long story short, my girls want bunnies and when I happed upon a gorgeously oh-so-cute pair of floppy-eared bunnies all fluff and floppy ears, well I – “Aaawww” and my heart opened..

Now I want bunnies.

The general advice is: NEVER to get bunnies. They don’t do much. They eat, sleep and poop. Of course the girls have promised and begged and planned who cleans and feeds what when how but no-one I know who’s had bunnies has said their children still look after them after two weeks, a month max (and believe me I’ve asked everyone and their degu.)

There’s a part of me (possibly a masochistic part?) that thinks it’ll do me good to have another regular task, indeed there’s a part of me that says I CAN do this now that I’ve got this organising thing going in my life, after all, it’s just another point on the list. Like it’s enough to have the good intentions and to write them down – I’m feeling high so I can go for it all, right? Something along the lines of: It seems to be running smoothly so why not squeeze something else in now that it’s all set in place.

But then this poem arrived in my in-box on Poem-a-Day:

by Lizzie Harris

There’s no law that says
life needs to get more complicated.
In fact, it’s difficult to grow big.
Humanity has always been improbable,

but occurred when two single cells
floated—perhaps they wanted
 each other?—into one. Even a host
can learn to love a leech. This is molecular:

One thing cares for another, in a way
it could never care for itself. Everything
you know was born from this sacrifice. Red-
woods stretched, shellfish bristled the floor.

Life, in even the simplest form, has always
been a matter of finding the energy.


I think I’ll stick to one thing at a time. Indeed why make things more complicated than they should be? It’s enthralling to see the enthusiasm and outrageous belief the girls have that they will love and take care of their bunnies until the day they die (anywhere between two to thirteen years, I’ve been told!) but I think it’s safe to say that it’s also a good thing to balance energies.

The bunnies will have to wait until after the summer, I mean who buys bunnies before the summer holidays anyway?

And who knows, by the end of the summer I may even be a step further with my novel!

What inspired you to find your balance this week?

I hope you have an energetic week xx

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