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Friday, January 13

Today is a good day to face my monster.

I’m talking blocks. Not just writer’s block but also a life block of sorts,

and inevitably, I find the two sort of come hand in hand.

You know how Christmas is supposed to be that time of the year – the time when Jingle Bells Harks the Angels in Silent Nights by the O so little town of Bethlehem and all you really feel like doing is guzzling red wine by the fireside all alone with your Harking Angels (er? anyway, you know what I mean).

Well, wouldn’t you know..

So much has happened in such a short space of time that it feels like an entire year’s worth of emotions and personal change all happened in those few days around Christmas. Suffice it to say that it wasn’t as peaceful as it could have been but crisis, as probably most of you know, is indeed an opportunity for change. Crisis as the moment when suddenly everything makes sense and all the values you know you’ve always had, just perhaps they got parked somewhere, unattended, forgotten, washed away by endless hours of mind-numbing tv, (alias brainstorming!) are back with a vengeance and you know exactly.

you have to do.

A day – at a time. But you know.

At least that’s what happened to me.
Is this pent-up anger what was formerly known as hysteria among educated women being forced to stay at home?

I wonder.

Possibly that is some of what I felt. Though,

I’ve never been very good at ‘everyday life,’ even as a kid,

the days at school in between holidays, seemed endless

and we all know about idle minds!

So there it is, my monster. And facing it, it doesn’t look quite as scary as I always thought. It’s grey and it’s fluffy and, like a stray cat, I believe that once I leave it where it is, well it’ll just wander off as it’s not getting any action out of me anymore. I need my energy for better things.

So maybe Christmas

or at least the message of Christmas

isn’t such a bad thing after all

and now that I feel the energy compassion brings with it I can take a deep breath, feel free and I can finally get back to my writing!

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