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    Somewhere, after a creative break and myriad cups of bubbling coffee – and, as days turn into months isn’t it wonderful how then, right out of the blue, a tiny moment, a speck in time, a twinkle from the cement as the passing sun catches its microcosmic sparkles, puts you right back on track, as if nothing at all out of the ordinary has happened.

    Enter: The Rainbow – after a day’s interaction at Bruno Toussaint’s trans-disciplinary workshop on Storytelling in Film, hosted by Wendy Goldman Rohm at Paris Writer’s Retreat, which brought us notions about sound and filmic techniques for a new and exciting dimension in writing, we decided to see what had been going on outside all day. A break.

    A rush to the beautiful French windows, the air cleansed by rain, we swanned our necks out. A pause. Gasps. Then, first one, two, three voices joined in to the tune of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow…’ a few laughs, a sigh and as the sound of the cars on the distant bridge took over, we drew back in, closing the windows to focus back on the matter at hand.

    An indulgence of cheeses as portrayed by Aliss Terrell, and wine tasting {we are talking Paris after all} exquisitely defined by Bruno and delightfully tasted by all of us as we grabbed plates and serviettes and cut knives against plates, wine bottles popped open, glasses filled. A toast: “To Bruno, thank-you Wendy,” and the language of film.

    To me, the Rainbow summed it all up, beautiful yet subtle part of the whole, a flicker to remind me what I’ve set out to do, which is write, write, write.

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