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Post-holiday blues and dusty chandeliers

There’s no point in wasting time contemplating on how the weeks have passed since the holidays are over. But I will say this, it seems to be getting more and more difficult to move from holiday mode back to life mode, don’t you think?

I’ve been struggling with a severe case of post-holiday blues where I generally allow myself a portion or five of feeling sorry for myself along with Ben&Jerry’s, catching up with all my series and rolling out my yoga mat in the wine cellar (hint: no, it’s not being used for its designated purpose) – one evening after an especially terrible day we even decided to open one of our best bottles, just because it was post-holiday Monday (after week one is where hubby decided to join me).

But truthfully, none of that really helps, now does it? I don’t want to end up not going on holiday just to get round the post-holiday blues (something I have often seriously considered) so I decided it was time to pull up my socks and get back in touch with that hippie part of myself where time and I are best pals forever and adapting it just ever so slightly with the tiniest hint of routine.

Though I have to admit there was a bit of procrastination involved (nobody’s perfect, right?) I sort of got side-tracked with a chandelier that had been hanging in the cellar for nine years. There was an electrician handy (turns out having your kitchen done doesn’t just take three weeks, or maybe handymen know all about procrastination too?) and so why not grab the opportunity, have the chandelier cleaned up to its former glory and have him hang it up. But was it worth it? See for yourself:

Pretty sparkly, I’d say – inspiring on a sparkle therapy sort of level (I’m trying not to think about all the dusting at this point, other than as future options for not procrastinating with my writing..) and – it got me writing again. Of course the deadlines for my weekly online course helped but now that I’m back on track, it’s time to share what I learned about writing on holiday with my

(where I documented daily on IG how I managed to actually get some me-time writing while on holiday with my family on a boat, a lovely sailing boat, granted but still – not much privacy allowance, or so I thought..).

1. You can find private space anywhere: diving into the cool waters of the Lake of Constance rekindled my love for everything water – swimming was not only grand for working off those sundowners and latte freddos (at least in my mind if not in body) but it also gave me underwater space for my head (literally) – 
I worked through scenes, imagined what my characters would be thinking, doing, seeing, feeling. In fact it ended up being something of an underwater meditation, which was fun plus it got me writing – when I got out of the water I was full of ideas I could then type onto my laptop just a cockpit away.

2. Inspiration comes from living consciously 😉 : that way anything I did whether it was taking pictures, have chats, go swimming with the kids, walks, and especially reading (with a pen in hand but more of that in a further post) – all of it contributed towards my writing moments. I didn’t need set times, just an open mind to take it all in.

3. It’s important to have one easy thing to start you off and help you get beyond the inner ‘Schweinehund’ = literally translated as inner pig-dog 🙂 which basically incorporates those moments when all you want to do is nothing at all (with a glass or two of vino, chocolate, crisps, whatever rocks your boat, in hand): for me that was taking a picture. It’s quick and easy, super fun and diverts from the ‘have to’ mode so  I posted even when I didn’t feel like it or when I felt it was too late. The words then just followed. Sometimes it was enough just to look for an image that reflected my mood which was really helpful because of course feeling fed-up, frustrated or just tired is also a part of the writing process and what better way to get round it than working on a funky pic or a fitting text?

For me, this means that basically there are no excuses not to write (or whatever it is you are working on). Not even inability to finish something due to a guilty conscience. Anything you experience, see, hear, talk about, do is all a part of the creative process and this #writeonholiday experience alone has shown me it’s ok to not feel inadequate when I don’t get a specific word count down per day. Some days are just ok for observing or even relaxing. And even those are a part of the process.

It does however help to have an external motivator, so stay tuned for my next challenge 🙂

And I’d love to hear about how you get back on track and all around those post-holiday blues?!

Happy writing 🙂 xx

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