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  • Rudolph’s New Noses

    Remember Rudolph? The one with the red, shiny nose? Didn’t we all love it? The nose, I mean – well, I did as a kid. I loved the way it glowed, the way Rudolph made all those friends because of that very nose and then even went on to become leader of Santa’s sledge. I used to love singing that song along with my sisters – happiness lay in that final note.

    I’d almost forgotten, that is until I came across a row of Rudolphs that appeared to be popping up in and around our house, numbers growing by the day. Very charming Rudolphs indeed, and all that nostalgic warmth and harmony came gushing back, along with a line that popped out at me today, reading Nichola Deane’s poem, When Wildness Cries I’m Home (ooh don’t you just love when that happens?) 

    ‘…when the sea remembers
    sipping at springs…’

    But there’s more – those noses: Each one is a different colour. Isn’t that fabulous? That old feeling re-vamped with the option of so many more new possibilities, songs, stories…?

    Just what I needed to get me going again after a fortnight of minimal writing – it’s all about going out there to get back in touch with a new look at things. In this light I think there is indeed a lot to be said for ‘creative pausing,’ not least because I have now got all my Christmas presents sorted.. wehey for planning, but more of that later..

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